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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Hengsheng corporate culture slogan
We are glorious Hengsheng employees, product quality in my hands, enterprise honor in mind;
We are diligent Hengsheng employees, diligent learning, new style, discipline everywhere, everyone builds new achievements;
We are loyal Hengsheng employees, love the position, honesty, create brand name for the company, and create more fine products for the society.
We are proud of our Hengsheng staff, constantly striving for self-improvement, working hand in hand, bringing together all over the world, uniting and loving one family;
Hengsheng concept----Steady expansion, gradual expansion, large-scale operation; Intentional products, to create high-quality products.
Hengsheng policy----Build high-quality products, build strong enterprises, build honest brand, share resources and interests.
Hengsheng spirit----Unity and pragmatism, pioneering and innovative; Challenge oneself and pursue excellence.
quality policy----Customer's demand is the standard, to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and strive to make customers satisfied.
Employment concept----Valuing virtue and seeking virtue, appropriate is talent; people-oriented, people do their best; value loyalty, both virtue and talent.
Sense of worth----Creating miracles, touching customers, creating wealth and repaying society.
Quality view----Quality is the source of the company's life, and brand is the soil of the company's survival. Product quality in my hands, the company honor in mind.
Code of conduct----Faithful to the enterprise, quick response, positive action, strive for perfection, take the factory as home, create prosperity together.